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HAPIfork Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal as Global Support for Slow Eating Emerges

HAPI Revolution Backed by Funders Keen on Creating Positive Change Through Self Quantifying Applications and Personal Technology

(May 1, 2013)—In under two weeks, HAPILABS' HAPIfork designed by French entrepreneur and inventor Jacques Lépine has surpassed its $100K Kickstarter goal. Funds raised will go towards manufacturing the world's first connected fork. At the $89 support level and above, the HAPIfork is offered as a perk. Pre-orders will arrive in September, making Kickstarter backers the first people on the planet to own a HAPIfork.

Real-time update from Kickstarter

HAPIfork aims to modify eating behavior by slowing down how fast people eat and helping them be more present during meals. This mindfulness leads to an overall healthier state of being and living. Lépine's idea was based on research which shows that by eating more slowly, people can improve the way they feel, improve their digestion and lose weight.

"Everywhere, people are re-evaluating what matters to them," says Jessica Margolin, HAPILABS VP Community. "There are new ways to measure the vibrancy of neighborhoods, new ways to make work meaningful, even new ways to measure financial growth! The HAPI Revolution brings that to a personal level. What makes us deeply happy? How can technology help us get there?"

It's time to join the HAPI Revolution! The goal of HAPILABS HAPI Revolution is to help create HAPIer and healthier people. Stated succinctly by 18th Century French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire "I have chosen to be happy because it's good for my health."

"Researchers have studied this relationship and discovered that being positive, optimistic, and ultimately HAPI is a significant boost to one's health," notes Fabrice Boutain, HAPILABS founder and CEO. "That's a big reason why we're focusing on those precious everyday moments when life is smiling at us. We are encouraging people to realize and acknowledge the HAPI Moments often taken for granted."

Beyond the pioneering HAPIfork, HAPILABS also takes into consideration other important aspects of life such as: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, relaxation, and—more generally—health. HAPIfork is the company’s first offering which monitors how fast people eat and slows them down. HAPIfork is being released in three colors (pink, green and blue) and will ship to Kickstarter backers first before the general public. HAPIfork comes with a color coordinated case making it easy to carry everywhere. The product will initially go on sale in the US and EU in the fourth quarter of this year and is slated to retail for $99.

About—Founded by Fabrice Boutain in 2012, HAPILABS helps individuals in the 21st century take control of their HAPIness, health and fitness through applications and mobile connected devices. HAPIfork is the first in a suite of devices, applications and services from HAPILABS aimed at improving overall health, well being and happiness. Products in development include the HAPIspoon (fork and spoon heads will be interchangeable, using the same handle and electronics). Also in development is the HAPIwatch, which will help people sleep better, and the HAPItrack to help people stay in great shape. Offering elegant and simple solutions, HAPILABS helps people achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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